Can You Use Eyeshadow as Eyeliner?

Applying eyeshadow is relatively easy and how learning to apply eye makeup the right way is no simple task. Eyeshadow or eyeliner for eyes makeup is completely a personal choice and there’s no universal rule to it.

Different colors compliment different skin tones and eye colors and if you want to go a little wild with it, they say more power to you. Blue eyes can be looking stunning with bronze eyeliner, green eyes pop with a purple-toned accent.

Brown eyes can even rock a midnight blue. There are following how to using eyeshadow as eyeliner:

Use an angled eyeliner brush

You can use any brush you feel the most comfortable with, but an angled brush will likely be easier and more effective to use.

Avoid color transfer

You are using clean; to avoid color transfer from the last time you used the brush. It may be better to use an unused brush if you are trying to apply eyeliner. Bacteria can easily get in your eye since the brush is so close.


Prepare your eye with a primer or a lotion

This will help keep your eye from drying out due to the harshness of the eyeshadow. Eyeshadow is not meant to be used as eyeliner, so it is a good idea to counteract it by using a lotion or primer beforehand.

Gently dampen both sides of the brush in water

A brush is too wet will cause the eyeshadow to run and will make it very difficult to apply. The brush is clogged up, but tries to make it damp.

Lightly tap the brush into the eyeshadow

Tap off any excess eyeshadow vs eyeliner to avoid fallout when applying the eyeshadow. Good colors are including brown, black, plum or dark green.


Close one eye to start applying the eyeshadow

Inside and outside the corner is using the brush. It is depending on the darkness of the eyeshadow, you may need to repeat this step a few times.

Release your eyelid and keep your eye closed

Give it a few moments to dry and set before you blink, otherwise you will get it smudged into your crease.

Tips of eyeshadow vs eyeliner

  • You are using a mixing medium instead, your eyeliner will stay on longer and your eyeshadow won’t dry out.
  • You can apply a second layer of mostly dry color for extra bright or prominent color.

You can apply the same color as eyeshadow to the rest of your eyelid.