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  • How do you make homemade hair conditioner?

    Dry hair can be anybody’s worst nightmare and it is making your hair look dull and frizzy. The only way to keep the dryness away is to pamper your hair with conditioning treatments that help seal moisture in. Deep conditioning treatments can be too expensive to get done on a […]

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    Can I Use Body Lotion as A Hair Conditioner?

    Lotion and conditioner are similar in their formulas that are the same thing. Both are oil in water emulsions. Both would usually have a large water phase. Both have oils or oil-free emollients. Use body lotion as a hair conditioner is helping control frizzy hair, just as it softens skin. […]

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    Can I Use A Conditioner Without Shampoo?

    Shampoo and conditioner are one of the long staples of hair care. These products are around for decades, and while choices have grown immensely, they still serve to clean and nourish your hair. Cleansing and conditioning are both important steps in maintaining hair health. But many women have begun to […]