How Often Should I Comb My Hair?

Hair is thick and strong.  It is presented challenges when trying to care for it and achieve the styles. Our hair is dictating our lifestyle and when we are tired of being ruled and we are choosing styles that give us a hands-off approach. However, several of us choose ponytail.

You know the ponytail. You brush your edges and gather your hair at the top of your head and put it in a ponytail. You can add water, gel, and/or mousse to slick your edges down.  You don’t brush the hair at the crown of your head.

You take a hands-off approach without wearing a hands-off style. There are following how often should I comb my hair:

Take Care when Brushing Wet Hair

Water is one of the weakens the hair shaft and hair fibers fill with moisture. It is caused to stretch. These sounds are including a short-cut to getting longer hair and it is actually the opposite.

It is caused breakage leading to short ends that won’t smooth down and it is causing frustrating fly-away hair.


Choose the Right Brush

One brush is not fitting every type of hair. Hair needs a different bristle from coarse hair and curly hair. Straight hair has completely different requirements. Seek out a brush is working for your hair.

Don’t Brush From the Top

It is feeling efficient to throw your hairbrush at the top of your hair and brush the length. You can start at the bottom.

If you run into knots, apply a leave-in conditioner and work the knot out carefully from the bottom. Your work is not done, though.

Once tangles are removed, start at the scalp and work down the hair, distributing oils, who recommends a boar-hair brush or synthetic blend for dry brushing.

Don’t Brush Too Large a Section

You are taking a small section of hair in one hand, hold it against palm, and then run the brush through it. This is helping prevent breakage and from pulling too hard and accidentally tugging the hair out from the root.

Don’t Over-Brush

You can comb your hair too much and it can be damaging to your locks. Brushing hair many times can stress the outer layer of your hair and result in dry and dull-looking hair. Coloring, bleaching, straightening, and blow-drying are doing the same thing.