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  • Is a bob haircut easy to maintain?

    In the modern world, we are having a lot of opportunities that are provided to look our best. Different skin care and hair treatments can assist one to look their best and can help you to enhance your look significantly. When talking about hairstyles only, you should understand that good […]

  • What Color Lipstick Looks Good On Blondes?

    The best lipstick colors for blondes will vary depending on your particular hair color, your skin tone, and how full or thin your lips are. In general, blondes are better to avoid very dark shades of lipstick, though strong colors can look fantastic if they’re applied judiciously. The best lipstick […]

  • Can You Use Eyeshadow as Eyeliner?

    Applying eyeshadow is relatively easy and how learning to apply eye makeup the right way is no simple task. Eyeshadow or eyeliner for eyes makeup is completely a personal choice and there’s no universal rule to it. Different colors compliment different skin tones and eye colors and if you want […]

  • damaged hair

    What Is The Best Homemade Hair Mask For Damaged Hair?

    Hairstyling can be harsh on your fragile tresses and scalp. These are including heat styling, bleaching, dying, and the overuse of hair products mess with delicate pH levels, strip your hair of natural oils and dry the hair shaft. It can leave hair looking lifeless and brittle. They also tend […]

  • How Can I Care For My Hair Daily?

    Haircare is a routine to maintain healthy and strong hair. It is a systematic plan that is designed to care for the hair on a long-term basis. You have to make a plan first, get everything you need, then work through it, and repeat. It is similar to doing household […]

  • What Ingredients Should I Avoid In Shampoo?

    Over 12 toxic ingredients are avoiding in shampoo and conditioner. They have been linked with causing cancer and other diseases. Even shampoos labeled as containing all-natural ingredients are not safe. They still contain things such as DMDM hydration and ammonium laurel sulfate. An important thing to understand is the scalp […]

  • How do you make homemade hair conditioner?

    Dry hair can be anybody’s worst nightmare and it is making your hair look dull and frizzy. The only way to keep the dryness away is to pamper your hair with conditioning treatments that help seal moisture in. Deep conditioning treatments can be too expensive to get done on a […]

  • hair conditioner

    Can I Use Body Lotion as A Hair Conditioner?

    Lotion and conditioner are similar in their formulas that are the same thing. Both are oil in water emulsions. Both would usually have a large water phase. Both have oils or oil-free emollients. Use body lotion as a hair conditioner is helping control frizzy hair, just as it softens skin. […]

  • make hair soft

    How Can I Make My Hair Soft and Silky At Home?

    Healthy hair is looking and feeling soft and silky. You are restoring these oils by using natural masks, rinses, and oil treatments. Dry hair is unsightly and unhealthy, but fortunately, it is easy to fix. You can just add a few new habits to your daily routine and eliminate damaging […]

  • How can I hydrate my hair?

    Hydrate is simply meaning to add water. Hair is inherently dry so it will need additional water. It is often believed that drinking plenty of water will help to keep the hair hydrated. However, you can drink all the water you want and it will have no effect on the […]